Let Jeff Goldblum Do Your Taxes*!

It’s almost Tax Day! And while other tax prep companies will let you talk with a live CPA, only one will let you talk with the star of Independence Day!

Thanks to the sterling Jeff Goldblum for being a part of this super fun bit at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. He was everything you’d hope for + even more live jazz. And major thanks to the scenic and props team at Colbert. This was super fun to direct, DP, and edit, and I’m exceptionally happy how everything turned out!

Also, thank you for the shout-out, The A.V. Club & Entertainment Weekly!

Written by Kate Sidley & Gabe Gronli. Produced by Michael Buckholtz, and featuring Connor Ratliff, Abbi Crutchfield, Ashley Nease, Elyse Brandau, and voice-over from Jen Spyra.

*Don’t let Jeff Goldblum do your taxes.

Sexy Serial Killer + Alexander Skarsgård

Netflix‘s recent Ted Bundy documentary got a ton of flack for highlighting his attractiveness in the marketing.

Luckily, they learned their lesson – as seen in this Late Show with Stephen Colbert exclusive look at their NEXT hit serial killer documentary series.

Had a really great time shooting, directing, and editing this bit. Special thanks to Jen Sprya for writing, Michael Buckholtz for producing, our wardrobe team at Colbert for the excellent period costumes, and actor Ryan Farrell for being game to portray our sexiest of serial killers. (And thanks to The A.V. Club & Mashable for the feature & shout-out!)

Also, enjoy this commercial featuring preeminent actor Alexander Skarsgård revealing that when he’s not acting in hit films, he’s pursuing his true passion: dog food. It just might’ve helped a lot, if he ever owned a dog.

The Most Emotionally Manipulative Super Bowl Ad Ever

A lot of Super Bowl commercials are gonna try and make you cry. But only ONE commercial will try EVERY technique to make you cry in one video.

I’m super proud of how this ad turned out. Thank you to The Late Show for letting me shoot, direct, and edit it. It was one of the most fun days I’ve ever had on set.

Major thanks to everyone who worked on it, to the masterful writing of Jen Spyra & Ariel Dumas for identifying a ridiculous concept that was crazy ripe to exploit, and to the show for letting us make it. Just try and not be moved.

And thanks to Ad Age for the feature as top story in their daily digest email last week & to The Hollywood Reporter for the shout-out.

CGI Stephen with Tony Shalhoub

Stephen Colbert has never missed an episode of The Late Show. But what happens when he gets sick?

Enjoy this behind-the-curtain look at the elaborate technology and masterful performance that goes into replacing Stephen so the home audience never suspects a thing.

Special thanks to actress Sunita Mani and the incredible Tony Shalhoub who was (seriously) a highlight of my directing career so far. Maaaaan, that guy is incredibly nice, giving, and a remarkable performer.

Every bit the international treasure you hope him to be! Enjoy, folks!

Mexican Tourism + Cereal Ad

Fox News’ Lou Dobbs mispronounced a Mexican city’s name so badly that it became real. And The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has the tourism video to prove it!

(Bonus fun fact: also featuring my television audio debut on mouth trumpet!)

Also, Welch’s tried to make grape juice “manly” in a new ad, so we made a commercial for an even “more manly” childhood favorite. I think you’ll agree it’s JUST as macho.

Featuring Scott Adsit of 30 Rock. Thank you, Scott!

Celebrity Spokesmania with Emma Thompson

Got the chance to direct the incredible Academy Award-winning actress Emma Thompson in this new round-up of very silly celebrity endorsements of products. (Stick around to the VERY end for my contribution to the segment.)

As you hope, Emma Thompson was amazing to work with, and just THE NICEST. And totally on-board to devour how dumb this bit was. Kudos, Dame Emma Thompson. I wish we could hangout all the time. You’re a queen among your peers.

An Important Message from Netflix

Glad to have directed this “very important message from Netflix” addressing a serious problem among today’s couples, as part of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Featuring Alison Brie (GLOW, Community), Mike Colter (Luke Cage himself), and of course, Stephen Colbert.

— — —

Plus, I had a great time directing & then “gunking up” this retro FBI training film addressing a surprisingly common law enforcement issue: an FBI agent firing his gun in a club while trying to breakdance. Take a watch and learn something.

New York Fashion Week, Baby!

I had a hand in this field piece where Late Show writer Ariel Dumas visited New York Fashion Week to find some new ideas to upgrade our merch collection.

Special thanks to actual fashion designer Zac Posen and all the other fashionistas & models who helped us out.

We had a great time, and I’m very proud of how silly / flashy this piece turned out (especially the very end).

WATCH: The Late Show’s “Invisible Props”

A lot goes into making an episode of The Late Show, which is why I’m proud to share this 100% not-real behind-the-scenes look at a lesser known (yet essential) part of making Stephen’s monologues work.

VERY happy that I got to use a lot of old school movie magic (+ some fantastic performers) to sell this exceptionally silly premise from a great script. Thanks, coworkers!

“Bad Movies” with Keegan-Michael Key, Ellie Kemper, Bob Odenkirk & More

Very excited to have directed this star-studded sketch, exploring the current trend of “bad” movies: like Bad Moms, Bad Santa, Horrible Bosses, etc. And give audiences a taste of what great next ideas Hollywood has in store for us!

Also to have so many incredible comedians in it (folks that I’ve been huge fans of for years) that it kinda blows my mind. So grateful that all of them were willing to be a part of something this wonderfully dumb.

(And that my mom happened to be able to visit set the day I got to direct Bob Odenkirk which was just super cool)

And thank you for the shout-outs, Entertainment Weekly & Slate!