2012: Year In Review

Very excited to be in 2013, so let’s kick this off by recapping right away.

2012 was a year of fewer videos than 2011, but bigger projects. I directed 32 total videos in 12 months. A few highlights include:

– Combining my love of senior citizens, puppets, and ‘getting crunk’ into the Lil Jon “Drink” music video,
– which racked up 200,000 hits in the first 72 hours. Dirty South represented? Check.
– Google’s ‘Introducing Nexus 7’ spot received 2 million hits in the first 96 hours.
– Worked with live turkeys and NFL Legend Vinny Testaverde for Wild Turkey Bourbon.
– First animated spot with “A Google A Day” on Google+.
– Received the Visionary Award for Directing at The Big Vision Awards 2012, which was delightful.
– Got to meet and direct/co-write comedy interviews with ?uestlove AND Jacques Pepin.
– Taught the internet how to draw a penis.

It’s been a great year (some of which my mom can be proud of), and I’m very excited to be in 2013. New Year’s resolutions include: a.) writing (2) screenplays and b.) boogie more. I think I can do these. Let’s get busy, y’all.