Car-A-Fire + Sexy Teen Dramas

Peaceful protests are still happening nationwide, but they aren’t always covered by the news.

Luckily, a new video filter from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert that can help your protest footage get attention, by simply digitally inserting a burning car! Voila!

Schools are still debating whether to reopen in the fall, which throws a wrench in one critical area of American Culture: sexy teen TV dramas. Conveniently, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has a sneak peek at one fall show that’s already adapted their storytelling to the new reality of remote learning.

BONUS FUN FACT: Almost a year ago, I previously directed a Riverdale-style parody off a real news story about an escaped snake lost in a high school, and that one featured the exact same characters played by the exact same actors. We’ve got a ‘franchise’ now, folks! Here’s the previous bit: