“Fall Movies” + George R.R. Martin

The Hallmark Channel is known for making an absolute gob of Holiday movies every year, but, if you didn’t already know, it turns out there’s actually a season between Halloween and Christmas! (I know, it’s a shock to me too). Well, they’re finally taking a advantage of it with a new slate of ‘Fall’-themed Hallmark movies just released this year.

But we at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert aren’t going to be left out in the cold (and out of subsequent profit), so we’ve introduced our OWN slate of Autumnal movie soon-to-be classics.

Written by Eliana Kwartler & Kate Sidley. Produced by Emily Potthast. And massive thank yous to all of our production teams who helped put this complilation of too many jokes together.

(And if you’re interested in watching my previous Hallmark holiday parodies for The Late Show, you can do so here.)

The Late Show has a new writer, but he’s taking a little longer than expected to finish tonight’s monologue.

Enjoy this cold open sketch, I directed & shot, featuring Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin (who was just a delight and I had a great time listening to him tell stories for most of a half hour). Written by Aaron Cohen & Gabe Gronli, and produced by Emily Potthast.