Hallmark Is Making Too Many Christmas Movies

It’s barely after Halloween, but The Hallmark Channel & Lifetime have both somehow decided to ALREADY start airing Christmas movies. And between the two of them, they’re premiering 70 original Christmas movies this year!

But, not to be outdone, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert decided to buckle down early and get into the Christmas movie mix ourselves by producing our own films. And we have a lot more.

Thanks to our incredible scenic, props, and costume departments for whipping up all this Holiday cheer (and making it snow on 53rd st) in the middle of October. It was really super fun and I’m very proud of how many (too many?) jokes there are crammed into this bit.

Produced by Emily Potthast, written by Kate Sidley & Ariel Dumas, and featuring Ryan Farrell, Elyse Brandau, Glenn Eichler, Ariel Dumas, Asher Perlman, Gary Mahmoud, & Talib Babb, with voice-over by the incomparable Jen Spyra.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Happy Almost Thanksgiving!