Hungry Man Dinners For Women

There are a lot of brands that pander to women during Women’s History Month. This is another one.

I had a super fun time directing this fake Hungry Man Dinners for Women ad for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, which was also my first time directing back on-set in-person in 2021. Thank you to our COVID compliance officer and whole production team for keeping us all safe on set.

And major thanks to Nicole Conlan for writing (and acting on-camera), Emily Potthast for producing (and ALSO acting on-camera), Abbi Crutchfield (for just acting), and our production design team for absolutely killing it with the look and packaging. I’m so excited on how the visuals on all this turned out!

(I also still cannot BELIEVE that CBS ad sales let us get away with this. I guess Hungry Man doesn’t advertise much in late night!)