“Jazz Cowboy: Cyber” with Paul Giamatti

A couple of years ago, I shot & directed a trailer for a fake spinoff show from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, called “Jazz Cowboy”, that featured our house band drummer Joe Saylor fighting street crime with jazz percussion instruments. It’s was totally dumb, but was one of my favorite bits I’ve made at The Late Show, and even featured Samuel L. Jackson in a cameo as the Police Commissioner (which was…wow).

Now, we’re proud to premiere yet another spinoff to THAT fake spinoff series, where it’s exactly the same thing, but now the Jazz Cowboy fights CYBER crime with jazz percussion instruments. Oh and it features Academy Award Nominee Paul Giamatti (what?!). Please enjoy the entirely unnecessary “Jazz Cowboy: Cyber”.

This one was just so much fun to shoot and we had an absolute ball leaning into just about every dumb “cyber” trope we could think of (from “Mr. Robot” to “Hackers” to “Johnny Mnemonic” & “The Lawnmower Man”). It was a massive pleasure, and per usual, incredible kudos and accolades to our wardrobe, hair, makeup, scenic, props, lighting teams. We did SO MUCH with so little time and space. Y’all are the cybery-est!

Written by Gabe Gronli. Produced by Emily Potthast. Starring Gabe Gronli, Carley Moseley, Talib Babb, and of course the inimitable Jazz Cowboy himself: Joe Saylor.