Netflix’s Cheer + James Bond Theme

Netflix’s new docu-series Cheer is a huge hit with audiences. And folks especially love what they call on the show, “Mat Talk”: encouraging motivation yelled from the sidelines to cheer on the cheerleaders. It’s something a ton of people have wished they could have for mundane tasks in their everyday lives. And now, they can!

Special thanks to Jerry, Gabi, La’Darius, and Coach Monica from Cheer for coming in very early to be super extra in this really silly bit.

BONUS FUN FACT: This bit also marks my 100th sketch on air for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!

Sure, it is an arbitrary milestone, but it’s still really exciting and it’s been a thrilling four and half years. I’m incredibly grateful to everyone that I work with and everyone who’s given me a chance here to make some really dumb stuff for CBS. Hooray!

Meanwhile…it was announced that multi-Grammy Award winner Billie Eilish will be doing the theme song for the new James Bond film “No Time To Die”, making her the youngest artist to ever record a Bond theme.

Now some would say that her music & unusual style might be an odd fit for the Bond franchise, but we at The Late Show got a sneak peek at the new track, and I think you’ll be pretty impressed…