New CAT MUSIC VIDEO: sElf – “Runaway”

Super proud to have directed this music video for sElf’s “Runaway” – the first single from Super Fake Nice, the first new album release from sElf since 2005. And a band that I’ve been a huge fan of since I was 16.

The vid released today with an exclusive premiere and interview at Entertainment Weekly, which is great.

I pitched a bunch of ideas for this song, and I think we made the right call with cats. The internet’s is probably going to be into cats. Maybe we can make it a trend.

UPDATE: The vid’s also been picked up by MTV, Yahoo Music, & People Magazine. And just picked as one of “The Top 10 Greatest Cat Music Videos of All-Time”! We’re #4! Please help us share.

Also, the song was iTunes “Single of the Week” when the album released, pulling in almost 500,000 downloads in 7 days. Great stuff!

UPDATE (12/13/14): “Runaway” was voted on the of the “26 Best Local Videos of 2014” by the Nashville Scene. Thanks, hometown newspaper!