“NFT Heist”

With NFTs the becoming the future of the art market, they’re also the new frontier for art thieves. And with more and more high profile NFT thefts being reported, it’s only a matter of time before Hollywood tries to adapt NFTs into a new high-octane heist movie. Unfortunately, that time is now…

I directed & edited this short heist film about stealing NFTs, for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and I could not be more proud of & thrilled how it turned out. I had an absolute ball lampooning this style of movie from the look, camera movement, costumes, hair/makeup, to the location, sound, and more. The team absolutely killed it with this one, and one million claps to everyone that helped put it together and in the can in an incredibly short amount of time.

Written by Jay Katsir & Gabe Gronli. Produced by Emily Potthast. Cinematography by Evan Jake Cohen. Scenic design by Brendan Hurley. Costumes by Antonia Xereas. Major thanks to everyone in hair, makeup, wardrobe, lighting, carpentry, props, SFX, and more. And a special kudos to Ryan Mauskopf for creating the “world’s most valuable NFT” (which is both beautiful and complete garbage simultaneously), and to our steadicam operator Kyle Fasanella, who was on his feet pretty much the entire shoot and it looks AMAZING.

Also, starring Gary Lee Mahmoud, Asher Perlman, Nahar Aminof, Joomin Hwang, Athena Reddy, David E. Chen & Talib Babb.

UPDATE: Thanks for the shoutouts, Mashable, BoingBoing, AOL, Investing.com, and of course…The Crypto Times.