Nokia Semaphore + Irish Name Awareness with Liam Nesson

Modern technology is intrusive and overwhelming. That’s why Gen Z has been embracing retro technology as what’s cool now. Tech from a simpler time – like flip phones and early digital cameras. So if retro tech is what’s cool, it’s only a matter of time before tech companies embrace the trend and start marketing REALLY retro tech. Like 18th Century Flag-Based Communication.

Enjoy this very dumb, fake ad for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert that goes REAL off the rails in the last 30 seconds.

Written by Pratima Mani, produced by Emily Potthast, and scenic design by Riley Mellon.

I forgot to share this back in March (so this is definitely a very belated share) but for St. Patrick’s Day, Irish national treasure Liam Neeson was kind enough to stop by The Late Show to share a very important message about Irish culture: Quit saying our names all wrong!

Learn how to say them right (and even wronger) in this incredibly important PSA that’s definitely NOT an excuse for us to have Liam Neeson say a bunch of joke names in his very serious tone. Written by Caroline Lazar and produced by Emily Potthast.