Samsung Punchable TV

I directed this bit for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert‘s Super Bowl show for a fake Samsung TV designed specifically for taking emotional anger – off the very real news trend of dude breaking their flat screens when mad at sports.

It’s always a ball making stuff with this team, but there’s a special pleasure in making multiple fake TVs just to smash them, drive over them with a car, and then hurl them off a building into a dumpster.

Our scenic and props teams are AMAZING. Major applause to our graphics team for some powerhouse 3D tracking and rotoscoping for all the screens. And kudos to all of our actors for just WAILING on these suckers all out. The perfect emotional release.

And it’s totally an honor to have this sketch be part of our Super Bowl show. It’s still wild and amazing to make silly bits, then several million people see it on CBS. BONKERS.

Written by Pratima Mani. Produced by Emily Potthast. Scenic design by Riley Mellon, Brendan Hurley, and Kate Duffy. Costumes by Antonia Xereas. VFX by Andro Buneta & Ryan Mauskopf. Lighting design by Hillary Knox. DP’d and edited by me.