Samuel L. Jackson + Jazz Cowboy

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert‘s own drummer Joe Saylor has a brand-new action packed spin-off TV series on CBS. And it’s got one hell of a cameo.

This one was wicked fun to direct and shoot, and I’m incredibly honored (and still a little shocked) that Samuel L. Jackson was willing to hop in and be a part of it. (Bonus fact that will come as no surprise: He’s very cool.)

Written by Cullen Crawford & Ariel Dumas. Produced by Michael Buckholtz. Featuring Gabe Gronli, Talib Babb, and Asher Perlman.

And major kudos to our production team at Colbert for putting this all together (and for confirming that, yes, apparently just spraying a garden hose up in the air can successfully mimic rain. I can’t believe that still works.) And, of course, special thanks to Mr. Samuel L. Jackson and our very own “Jazz Cowboy” Joe Saylor. YOU’RE A STAR, JOE!