Sexy Serial Killer + Alexander Skarsgård

Netflix‘s recent Ted Bundy documentary got a ton of flack for highlighting his attractiveness in the marketing.

Luckily, they learned their lesson – as seen in this Late Show with Stephen Colbert exclusive look at their NEXT hit serial killer documentary series.

Had a really great time shooting, directing, and editing this bit. Special thanks to Jen Sprya for writing, Michael Buckholtz for producing, our wardrobe team at Colbert for the excellent period costumes, and actor Ryan Farrell for being game to portray our sexiest of serial killers. (And thanks to The A.V. Club & Mashable for the feature & shout-out!)

When he’s not starring in hit films, preeminent actor Alexander Skarsgård is pursuing his true passion: dog food. And The Late Show has an exclusive look at his new pet food brand. It just might’ve helped if he ever owned a dog…