Shower Chili and More!

Don’t let the above thumbnail fool you. This one’s totally about beer.

Coors Light recently branded themselves the “Official Beer of Drinking in the Shower”, but they’re not the only product in the shower-based game. Enjoy this very gross fake spot from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Also thank you to Ad Age for the shout-out!

A snake recently went missing in a Wisconsin high school and no one knows where it is. But that news story gave Stephen Colbert a great idea for a “new sexy teen drama”! Get ready for…ESCAPED SNAKE HIGH.

I’m incredibly proud to have gotten to (even momentarily) play around in the CW / Riverdale-ish style sandbox. Maaaan, is it melodramatic! And major thanks and kudos to our “sexy teen” actors.

Meat-alternative burgers, like the Impossible Burger, are becoming huge business. Enough so, that The Late Show got an exclusive look at one company that’s taking it a step further. With a taste SO REAL that you’ll definitely think it’s “probably not meat”!

Big thanks to our props & scenic team who made it incredibly fun to finally shoot some beauty food shots! I’ve made a lot of commercials in the past, but surprisingly, never got to do “good looking” food until now! Very happy to have it be such a wicked dumb project.

And additional thanks to our in-house animator at Colbert John Henry who totally killed it with the cartoon section. Cheers!