Too Much Reality TV

With the Hollywood actors strike lasting until November, TV networks were left scrambling to figure out how fill their Fall schedule with shows. And their answer was inevitably: Reality TV.

But with that many new shows needed, there’s probably more than you’ve even heard of. And not all of them are the best of ideas.

Luckily, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is here to help by bringing an entire SLATE of new reality shows…to your TV this season.

Grateful to everyone at The Late Show for letting me make yet another round-up of “fake programs with way too many jokes to follow”. They’re always so much fun to make and this one was no different. Just with more shirtless guys.

Written by Gabe Gronli (and more)! Produced by Emily Potthast. Scenic design by Riley Mellon. Costumes by Antonia Xereas. Graphics by Andro Buneta & Ryan Mauskopf. And tons more thanks to the huge deep bench of awesome crew. Shot & edited by me.

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