The Late Show with Stephen Colbert – “UNTUCKit Shirts”

If you’ve heard of UNTUCKit brand shirts (a 100% real company), you might’ve thought the idea of men’s dress shirts that are “designed to look good untucked” is also just, you know…any shirt. You’d be wrong (apparently) because it’s a hugely successful company with very serious advertisements featuring a very serious founder.

However, if you’re looking for a shirt that can be tucked in, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has a brand new sponsor that can help, and probably make you more confident than you ever should be.

Directed by Ballard C. Boyd
Written by Gabe Gronli & Aaron Cohen
Produced by Emily Potthast
Photographed & Edited by Ballard C. Boyd
Costumed by Antonia Xereas
Scenic Design by Brendan Hurley
Featuring Gabe Gronli, Abdul Howard, and Mike Holt

(Bonus thanks to the people of New York who didn’t care one single bit about anything we were shooting. You know that this is just general par for the course living in The Big Apple and good for you.)